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A year of upsets

The 2010-2011 year in sports has been a rough one for some, a miracle for others, mainly because of the amount of upsets that have occurred in the NFL, NCAA, NBA and most recently, the NHL. Personally, I’m a huge fan of upsets, even when I’m cheering for the dominant team. It gives me a … Continue reading

The time is now

History has an ugly habit of repeating itself from time to time. It has the chance to do so because people either forget about it, or don’t learn from its mistakes. Most often when people think about bad historical consequences they think of war. And who wouldn’t? War affects everyone, regardless of whether or not … Continue reading

“Who’s the quarterback?”

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of link-sharing on Facebook, specifically referencing Christian Ponder’s sudden (and what many try to describe as ‘overbearing’) involvement with the Vikings team and staff. Personally, I think it’s a great way for the rookie to earn respect from veteran players and take initiative in his position as possible starter QB. … Continue reading

What do journalists and Tressel have in common?

It’s finally safe to say it’s summer. Which inevitably means off-season talks, scandels and re-evaluations of past offenses. Specifically, offenses that has placed OSU football players in the limelight, and coach Jim Tressel in the spotlight. Now I’ll admit, I’m a huge football fan. And with the NFL lockout bringing about the biggest buzzkill for … Continue reading